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Demco Systems Inc.

Commercial and Industrial Concrete Cleaning/Pressure Washing

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Demco Systems, Inc is an industry leader in commercial & industrial pressure washing & concrete cleaning. We specialize in removing the following from concrete, bricks & pavers surfaces:

• Red Mud Stains • Rust Marks
• Graffiti • Oil Stains
• Tire Marks • Paint
• Mildew • Tar
• Concrete Sealer • Chewing Gum
• Sealed in Red Mud Stains

Demco Systems, Inc is registered in Georgia and is owned and operated by John Demetrius who also owns Demco Chemical Products, Inc. Both companies have a combined expertise of over 35 years of experience in industrial chemicals & commercial pressure washing business.

Demco Systems, Inc uses a special custom design product name MUD B GONE that was formulated over 30 years ago to create a one-of-a-kind clean finish on these surfaces. We have always finished jobs on schedule, within budget and a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Upon confirmation of agreement for work to be done by Demco Systems Inc. we will send a hard copy of our Liability and Workers’ Compensation Certificate to your office and a faxed or email copy to the job site if needed.

We have done work for over 100 commercial contractors.
Here is a partial list of contractors.

John Demetrius
Demco Systems Inc.